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News 11/5/09

November 5, 2009 News 1 Comment

More than half of physicians claim little or no familiarity with ARRA, according to an Ingenix survey. Only 42% of the participating physicians said they had “some” familiarity with ARRA, which seems like a shockingly low number. For physicians moving to EMRs, investment reimbursement and claim penalties are two of the biggest motivators.

Practice management and EMR provider Raintree Systems and RCM provider ZirMed announce a partnership to jointly market their combined solutions.

Memorial Hospital (MS) plans to install Allscripts EHR, PM and RCM products for its 100 employed physicians.

Ali′i Health Center (HI) selects Aprima Medical Software to provide EHR and practice management software for its 15-physician practice.


Two of San Diego’s largest independent physician organizations are partnering to develop PM and EHR implementation strategies. The article is a bit unclear  about what the partnership really means for day-to-day operations for Graybill Medical Group and Sharp Community Medical Group. However, Sharp had a big rollout of Allscripts EHR/PM just last year, so perhaps Graybill hopes to jump on the bandwagon.

A quick follow-up to athenaClinical’s review posted earlier this week. We’ve gotten some positive feedback about the exercise, as well as pleas to stick what we do best. If you’d like to weigh in, send me a note. We are also asking athenahealth to respond to a few specific issues, so look for that next week.

Express Scripts plans to use Greatwater’s PatientPort kiosk platform in physician offices. Patients will be able to review prescription options via the kiosk with the goal of reducing prescription costs.

ICSA Labs, the Medical Transcription Industry Association and several medical transcription companies form the Medical Transcription Service Consortium. The consortium’s mission will be to develop a interoperability standards for the exchange of transcribed dictated medical records.

A local paper posts a well-written article that highlights the practices of two Kansas doctors. One is an 82 year-old family physician who writes his exam notes on 5×8 index cards and has an assistant create insurance claims on an electric typewriter. The second doctor is on EMR and inputs his patient notes on a tablet computer with a stylus. Both doctors seem quite happy with their situations and the contrast (and similarities) make for a fun read.


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  • Rating EHRs is a business fraught with competition and controversy, and not for the feint of heart. Outside the context of a particular practice setting, all one can hope for is an objective apples-to-apples comparison of one product to another…sounds like certification?! And subjective ratings are the business of KLAS which bases its ratings on customer reviews. Unless you’re going to quit your day jobs, do this seriously and full-time, and get into the muck with all the other so-called “experts”, I’m afraid these kinds of anecdotal assessments could be misleading and will compromise your enviable and respected position as an objective convener of stakeholders across the spectrum. MHO….

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