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June 11, 2012 News 1 Comment

6-11-2012 4-17-24 PM

HIMSS Analytics introduces the Ambulatory EMR Adoption Model to track IT adoption in more than 28,000 ambulatory facilities that are part of hospitals or hospital systems. Current data indicates that of the 9,247 ambulatory facilities currently providing data to the HIMSS Analytics database, 48% are paper-based (Stage 0), one-third are Stage 2, 1.2% are Stage 6, and none are Stage 7.

6-11-2012 8-54-50 AM

The 59-provider Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence selects eClinicalWorks EHR.

6-11-2012 4-26-45 PM

AHRQ develops an e-prescribing implementation toolset for physician offices that includes guidance on various implementation topics and offers tools to facilitate adoption.

6-11-2012 7-30-22 PM

Practice Fusion CEO Ryan Howard, along with the VC firm Founders Fund, invest $750,000 in seed funding for Ringadoc, a provider of virtual medical visits. The company will use the funds to build a new product offering for physicians to use directly in their offices.

drchrono announces it is incorporating iPhone patient payment processing and adding real-time patient health insurance eligibility checks to its iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and EHR platform.

6-11-2012 7-29-12 PM

Health-e Connection, Arizona’s REC, adds Aprima to its list of Tier 1 status EHR vendors. As part of its Tier 1 commitment, Aprima will offer preferred pricing and provider education to REC members.

CareFirst BCBS announces that almost 60% of the eligible primary care panels participating in CareFirst’s PCMH program met 2011 quality and cost performance goals. The qualifying providers will receive increased fees for certain services starting July 1.

6-11-2012 7-31-53 PM

MGMA Health care Consulting Group’s Rosemarie Nelson provides a simple and easy-to-understand explanation of cloud computing for physician offices and outlines a few of the benefits, including lower start-up costs, less IT infrastructure requirements, and better data protection.

6-11-2012 7-27-03 PM

Speaking of the cloud, Forbes explores the rise of cloud computing in healthcare. athenahealth, eClinicalWorks, and Practice Fusion are cited as some of the more established providers in the market, while CareCloud is portrayed as the newer and more nimble player. Ryan Champlin (above), VP of operations for the physicians network at Cook Children’s Healthcare System (TX), offered this gem of a dig directed to Epic CEO Judy Faulkner:

“The question is: who is going to produce better health for a given dollar? I bet my money it’s cloud. Judy will say it’s crazy, there’s no track record, but stone tablets used to work well too.”

Today I happened upon this article about a “new breed of physicians” who text messages to patients, as well as track disease trends in Twitter and identify medical problems on Facebook pages. It reminded me that just last week I accompanied a family member to outpatient surgery and was thrilled when the surgeon offered his cell number and instructed us to text him if there were any questions or complications.  I ended having one little question, so I overcame my guilt for interrupting the doctor’s personal time and sent a quick text. Without the hassles of  phone tag, I had my answer in under a minute. Technology CAN increase healthcare efficiency.

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  • I read that article about a “new breed of physicians” also… but it felt like deja vu! I am sure a similar article came out every 1-2 years since 1999 about various forms of online communications. I agree it is getting more common as young docs are more cavalier about giving out a cell phone or connecting on FB – but we know they will get overwhelmed quickly if they don’t have some sort of filter (ot they’ll start charging $2000 a year as a concierge doc to give it out!). I think the main answer is using secure patient portals… will be interesting to see if/how those start to accomodate smart phones better in the future (some have started).

    fyi- Here an article about email/online communications from 5 years ago that included some quotes from a younger DrLyle 🙂

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