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5 Questions With Pediatrician Ashley Moss, MD

July 9, 2017 5 Questions With No Comments

Ashley Moss, MD is founder of Ashley Moss Pediatrics (MD), and vice president of the Montgomery Pediatric Medical Society. She opened her house call-based practice in January 2017, and now sees three to five patients a day.


What prompted you to launch a house call-focused practice?

I wanted to create a practice that was highly personalized and offered the best quality medical care for my patients. After working in a large traditional practice for nine years, I felt that the trend toward larger practices had hindered my ability to connect with my patients, and provide the continuity and individualized care that I felt was imperative to providing high-quality medical care. I had heard about similar house call-based practices in New York, California, and Texas and so I investigated and decided that not only was this type of practice feasible, it seemed like a really powerful model that could leverage new technology to improve healthcare quality, convenience, and outcomes.

What types of healthcare technology do you use on a daily basis?

I use an EHR that enables me to write notes while seeing patients in their home, email prescriptions to pharmacies, send lab orders and receive results.  I also use an electronic fax that interfaces with my Practice Fusion EHR.  I rely heavily on creative mobile devices that I can easily bring to the homes of patients. For well child check ups where vision and hearing screens are required, I use a handheld mobile device to perform visual acuity, photoscreening, and hearing screens.  The visual screening device then faxes the screening results to my EHR so that the vision screens are easily integrated into the chart. Finally, I use an online direct care practice administration platform from Hint Health that streamlines the signup process and billing for my patients.

What health IT is on your wish list?

I am considering purchasing a temperature monitor for my vaccine refrigerator that remotely monitors and records the temperatures inside my vaccine refrigerator and freezer. It also immediately alerts me by cell phone when either the refrigerator or freezer temperature is out of range. Currently, I keep handwritten temperature logs for the refrigerator and freezer.

I am also considering different telemedicine companies that would enable me to examine patients remotely via a virtual exam room. I’d like these telemedicine programs to interface more efficiently with my EHR; when I find one that does, I will probably decide to make that investment.

Are you participating in any type of value-based payment program?

I don’t participate in value-based payment programs as defined by insurance companies. I do provide my patients with high-quality medical care that is research- and experience-based, and delivered with genuine concern for each child’s wellbeing.

What are your thoughts on the role new business models like yours play in reducing physician burnout?

These models play a tremendous role in reducing physician burnout! Direct patient care practices enable physicians to do what they love and enjoy, which is establishing meaningful relationships with patients so that they can effectively care for them in a financially transparent manner. Physicians can keep patients healthier, provide better medical care, and avoid costly ER or hospital admissions when they know each patient individually. Both physicians and patients are happier with the delivery and quality of the medical care.


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