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HIStalk Practice is a physician practice-oriented offshoot of HIStalk, which focuses primarily on hospital-related IT topics.

Your hosts are Mr. HIStalk and Jenn. We have no conflicts of interest. We don’t work for vendors, we don’t own vendor stock, and we have no relationships other than sponsorships that we fully disclose here.

We do solicit sponsorships, but we also tell prospective sponsors in advance that they get no special treatment when it comes to what we write about. We also encourage them to read our previous writings to make sure they understand the nature of what we do.

The thoughts expressed here are ours alone. Your reading HIStalkPractice acknowledges that the information it contains is not subject to the usual standards of professional journalism. Much of what you read will be opinion, satire, rumor, and speculation unavailable from other sources. You alone are responsible for any actions you take based on this information. HIStalkPractice and the authors make no representations about the information’s accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability, or validity and are not liable for errors, omissions, or delays in the information or any losses, injuries, or damages that may arise from its use. Opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily represent those of their employers, if any, or HIStalkPractice’s sponsors. Reader submissions and comments have not necessarily been validated and their authors may be anonymous or unknown; those submissions and comments do not necessarily represent the views of HIStalkPractice or its authors and the responsibility for those submissions and comments remains with those who wrote them.

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